How To Start a Blog in 2020

how to start a blog in 2020 free or paid how to blogging

Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to Earn Monthly more than 2000$ per month? How to Start a Blog in 2020.

Let me clear about some of the myths about blogging before we start a blog in 2020. Blogging can be many things which have pieces of information related to different topics. Like Travel Blog, Fashion blog, technology blog, Event blog, and much more informational topics.

Types Of Blogging

#Travel Blogging

Travel blog is related to pieces of information about travel and tracking. In this blog, we provide information about different places around the world. Types of equipment we need during travels and tracking. Precautions and guides about specific places to enjoy holidays. 

#Fashion Blogging

The fashion blog is trending now. Fashion Blogs talks about beauty and glamours. Beauty Products reviews and fashions tips to be healthy and beautiful life with glamour. You can be your own boss.

#Technology Blogging

Technology blog is related to smarts gadgets and geares reviews and tips tricks about it. Like Smartphone, Laptop, DSLR Camera, Smart Watch, Gaming gadgets and many more related to technology.

#Event Blogging 

Event blog is targeted blogs for certain events like festivals we celebrate. Some of theme New year, Merry Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and many more events that celebrate in a large community.

Everyone starts a blog for many reasons. Some of the Popular reasons are below.

  • Sharing Knowledge and ideas.
  • For Quitting a boring regular job and becoming own boss.
  • Earning Passive Money from home.
  • Travelling Free and For Public attentions.
  • Free gadgets and gears for reviews.

Blogging Journey

Let me share with you my blogging journey before starting How To start a blog in 2020 which is very important for you before starting a blog. About 2015, I started the journey as a passion do not know about earning. Later I knew we can earn blogging. But I do not have good knowledge and ideas. Due to this My Blog failed. I have purchased about 5 domains in different topics but all failed.

I decided to quit but my inner heart says to me, let me try once before my hosting expire. In that interval, I watched lots of youtube videos, collected ideas and opened this blog and earning a decent amount of money.

I have learned two things during blogging journey. First, there is no shortcut idea to earn for long terms and second, you must have patience.

How to Start a blog in 2020

  1. Choose Blog Topic doing Keyword Research.
  2. Perfect Domain Name which covers the wider topic.
  3. Choose the Platform to start a blog. Blogger or WordPress
  4. Recommended using WordPress. ( See tutorial below)
  5. Choose Best Hosting ( Best Web Hosting for WordPress in 2020)
  6. Design your site, give simple to use and professional look.
  7. Write about 25 articles. focus on the user-friendly article rather than earning. Your article must be between 500 words to 1000 words.
  8. Don’t Keep any Category Empty.
  9. Create About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Sitemap Pages in your Site.
  10. Link your site with Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Submit site in webmaster tools including Google.
  11. Use Google Site Kit WordPress plugin.
  12. Signup in Google AdSense Account. (Master Google AdSense).
  13. Now, Focus on SEO.
  14. Optimized content, Make is SEO friendly.
  15. Do On-Page SEO
  16. Off-Page SEO
  17. Create Backlink to your site and content to rank higher in Google Search Engine.
  18. Do Affiliate Marketing to earn extra income besides the Google AdSense.

How to Buy Hosting and Domain ( Tutorial )

Web Hosting is a Server which runs 24 hours and all our blog site file like images, post, videos are stored. In a simple language where we can install our WordPress.

Lets, Start Setting up Web Hosting and Install WordPress. Follow all the steps carefully. In this tutorial, I am going to use Blue Host which is good and perfect for our blog site.

  • Save

Step1: Click on Get Started.

And Choose Plan as per your needs.

Blue Host Web Hosting Plan For Starting a Blog.
  • Save

In the future, if you plan to host more websites than I will recommend you to choose Choice Plus Plan. In this Plan, we can run unlimited WordPress blog sites with unlimited SSD Storage ( SSD is very Fast than our normal Hard Disk in Our Personal Computer.) and Free SSL certificate which is compulsory for blog ranking.

Step2: Choose Your Domain Name

Choose a Domain name that represents your blog content and help in SEO(Search Engine Optimization). For Example, your site is about Blogging like mine. Include Word Blogging as I included and keep in mind that your domain characters max should be 13. Don’t Keep more than that it affects SEO.

If You Have Already Purchased domain form different domain providers it can also be used. I strongly suggest you Keep different providers for Hosting and Domain For Your Personal Security. Enter Domain name and Change nameserver (,,, later provided by BlueHost in Account Information email.

Choose Domain name
  • Save

Step3: Fill up your billing information with Your Name.

Fill your Real Personal or Billing Information
  • Save

Step4: Enter your payment Card Details.

For More payment method Contact Blue Host Live Chat Support. They will help you. This method is very secured you do not need to be a worry.

payment information
  • Save

Step5: Choose Extra Feature.

But I will not recommend you, it totally depends on you. We can use different plugins in WordPress to make it more secure in your site. But it will be best if you choose which gives more security and helps in SEO as well.

Extra Feature for domain and site security.
  • Save

Step6: Create a strong password.

Do not use the same password in all site accounts.

Create Strong Password
  • Save

Step7: Congratulations! Your Account us ready to go.

Now, you can log in. Click go to the login button.

Web Hosting account created start a blog
  • Save

Step8: Login with your domain name and password you set before during creating an account.

Login Blue Host Account
  • Save

Step9: Let’s Start a Blog Site creation.

Choose Your Blog Name. For example BloggingCruzz. Then after type your Blog site tagline like my is Learn – Earn – Share | Blogging. Leave everything as its and Click Continue.

start a blog in BlueHost
  • Save

Step10: Choose Best WordPress Theme For Blogging

I have skipped some parts you can do easily reading. Now, The time has come for Choosing Best Theme For WordPress Site. If you can pay then I will recommend you buy GeneratePress and Genesis. If you cannot afford then ocean wp is the best free WordPress theme for blogging. Theme plays vital roles for SEO and Speed which is most important to rank your site in Google search Engine.

choose best wordpress theme start a blog
  • Save
  • Top 5 Free Blogger Templates.
  • Top 5 Free WordPress Themes.
  • How to Create About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Sitemap Pages?
  • Best Site to Check Plagiarism Free.

Signup in Google Adsense. Setup Google Search Console, Analytics.

Go to Google Search and Type ( Google Adsense Signup) and Press Enter. You will find the First site. Click and Signup. Master Google Adsense.

Submit Site in WebMaster tools.

Any Search Engine will not index your blog until and unless you submit your site in a specific search engine through the webmaster tool. Click here to read more about how to submit your site to a different search engine like Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.

Nowadays backlink is the most important factor to rank your blog post in Google First Position. If you wrote quality contains but don’t have any backlinks and your competitor has backlinks that your site will rank below. The high amount of Backlinks is not required to rank.

Quality and Few Backlinks from high DA(Domain Authority) PA(Page Authority) is enough. Make Backlinks related to your blog topics. Read More about backlinks and How To Create a Backlinks to Your site. Click here!


If You Have any Doubts related to any topic comments down below comment section. How to Start a Blog in 2020 generate a good amount of money. Thank you!

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