How To Increase Domain Authority?

how to increase domain authority da and page authority pa

Hello, and Namaste Everyone, in this article I will explain to you all about domain authority. What is Domain Authority?, Why Domain Authority is important? How to increase domain authority DA(DA) and Page Authority (PA)? How To Check Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)? I am Sudarshan Gautam From Lets, Start!.

What is Domain Authority (DA) or Page Authority (PA)?

Domain Authority’s short form is DA and Page Authority is PA. DA is the entire domain or website authority and Page Authority is Page-level or subdomain Authority. In simple language, Page Authority is posts or articles authority or chances of ranking higher. Many bloggers called Domain Authority or Website Authority but both terms are the same.

Domain authority is score range From 0 to 100 which was introduced by Moz. Higher Domain Authority, Higher Chances to Rank High in Search Engine. It is taken as a Search Engine ranking score which determines how well a site’s content will rank in Google Search Engine or any other engine.

Domain Authority is calculated by how much the root domain is linked to scoring a single DA score. It is used to compare websites or Domain “Raking Strength” over a time. Google is not determining Search Ranking by Domain Authority and has no effect on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Why Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA is important?

Domain Authority is important for link buildings. There are lots of importance of Domain Authority. They are as below listed.

  1. Domain Authority Shows the standard of your site and authority that your site or domain maintains.
  2. DA helps you to rank your post better than others’ low DA PA(Page Authority) site.
  3. High Domain Authority High Chances to rank post in Specific Keywords.
  4. In Short Terms, I take DA as a Trust Level of Domain or Website of Visitors. So Higher Trust, Google shows you higher love in the ranking.
  5. Although Keywords difficulty is zero why I am not ranking on the first page even I have written Quality articles? Its all because the High Domain Authority (DA PA) site has ranked over you.
  6. Domain Authority helps in Off-Page SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and ON-Page SEO.

How To Check the Domain Authority and Page Authority?

There is a Free method and Paid method. I will teach free and paid both methods to check domain authority.

  • Go to Google Browser. Type DA PA Check.
domain authority check
  • Save
how to check domain authority
  • As Shown in Above Image Click On ( Second Result.
check domain authority
  • Save
check domain authority
  • Enter your domain URL.
  • Click On I’m not a robot.
  • Click on Check Button as highlighted above image.
  • Save
da pa checker
  • DA is Domain Authority and PA is Page authority. SS is the spam score. Spam score rises because of bad backlinks. Maintain your SS score between 15-30 otherwise Google penalty you. We cannot increase DA and PA in a day, it is very difficult.

Paid Method

In paid method to check da pa of the site, you can use Ahref Paid SEO Tool. But I will not recommend you to use it for only DA PA Check. I will recommend you to use free tool which is good enough. Ahref is the Best SEO Tool For Blogger. You Must have it to do proper keyword research and many more.

How To Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority?

  1. Create Backlinks for your main domain and blog posts. Backlinks are very important to rank your site and blog post higher.
  2. Create Social Media Account Like Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube and many more. Find List Here.
  3. Daily Share your every blog post on every social site.
  4. Never disable your comment in the post. Engagement plays a vital role.
  5. Ping your blog post in the different sites. Find the Ping Submission list here.
  6. Submit your site in different search engines using the free submission site.
  7. Create internal and external links in your blog posts.

Increase DA and PA but keep in mind about spam score also which is very important.


One Quality Backlinks is best rather than more nonsense backlinks. So focus on Quality Backlinks related to your blog niche. In this way, you can increase your domain authority and page authority. If You have any questions related to, How to increase Domain Authority and Page Authority you can comment down below.

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