How To Make Money Online in Nepal? Top 3 Easy Ways 2020

how to make money online in nepal 2020

Hello, Guy, I am Sudarshan Gautam From BloggingCruzz. This article, I will briefly brief you on how to make money online in Nepal 2020. I will be talking about the challenges that we will have to face ahead. You can find lots of ways of making money online on Google and Youtube. But most of the content will be only for developed and rapidly developing countries like India in the digital market. 


YouTube is the best way to make money online in Nepal or from any corner of the world. You create content in any specific topic and publish it on youtube. It seems easy but not as easy as you think to make money online in Nepal on youtube. You have to follow the rules of YouTube. 

To earn Money From YouTube you have to fulfil the following criteria. 

  • 4 Thousand watch Hour within 1 year.  Watch Our mean how many minutes our videos have been watched on youtube by our visitors.  Suppose, you have created a channel and published a video on January 1st 2019 and till January 1st 2020 you have to complete it. If not completed you will not be monetized. 
  • 1000 subscribers must be there in your youtube channel before you apply for monetization. 
  • There should not be any copyright video and community strike in your channel. 


I am seeing many beginners trying to upload others’ content modify it and upload on the channel to gain watch hour complete and they apply for monetization after deleting that copyright content. They are fools, you know why? They think that they are smarter than youtube. YouTube Search videos through which you got watch hours completed. Now Youtube is analyzing traffic sources also. 

How to Create a YouTube Channel in Nepal?

Every person has Gmail (Google Account) nowadays. If you are using a smartphone, it is now necessary to create a google account for downloading applications from Google Play Store. 

If You Don’t Know and want To Create a New Google Account. Click Here! 

how to create google account in nepal
  • Save
how to create google account in Nepal

You will get Like above form Fill all with your Real Name. 
Now To Create YouTube Channel Go To

how to create youtube channel in nepal
  • Save
How to create youtube channel in Nepal

You Will See SIGN IN Blue colour Button. Click There and Login With Your Google Account You have Created Previously. 

Blogging ( Making Website )

There is two way to create blogging website.

  • Blogger – Free
  • WordPress – Paid

Let me brief about this Two Topic:


Blogger is Product of Google and it is a completely free platform to make a blogging site. 

How To Create a Blogger Site?

  • I think You have a Google Account as I already talked about above. 
  • Go to sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Click in Create New Blog or Sign in.
  • Login with your Gmail account.
  • Choose Display Name
  • Write your Blogging Site Title and URL. 
  • Create a New Post and Publish.
  • Design Your Blogger site Using Template. 
  • Congratulations! You Successfully Create a Blogging Site.

How to Make Money Online in Nepal From Blogging?

  • Buy One Domain like .com .net .xyz .org.and many more. Do not Apply with It will take a long time for about one year also.
  • Create at least 25 Good User-Friendly Articles. Do not Copy From Other Website. Write in Your own language so that the reader can easily understand what you are trying to say.
  • Create “ About US, Contact US, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and Sitemap” Pages in Your Blogger Site.
  • Create Mobile Friendly, Responsive and Simple Design. Don’t Make Colourful. Just Make simple and easy to use the site.
  • Apply For Google Adsense. Click Here!
  • Fill all your Real Details and Submit. After Approval You will get an Email within 2 – 4 Weeks.


WordPress is Open Source. You can Make a Professional website like this built-in WordPress. If you don’t know how to make a website on WordPress Click Here!. How to create a website on WordPress in Nepali?

  • Buy Hosting and Domain. Click here!
  • Buy or Use Free themes and Plugins and Start Customization. 

Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? Like in Nepal Daraz Online Shopping they sell products on their site. If we write product reviews and any reader by using affiliates link provided by daraz then we will not have a certain amount of commissions. But Daraz Nepal has not made it publically available to anyone hoping it comes in the future. But there are lots of International Affiliate Sites like it. Amazon, Flipcart, Click bank, Maxbounty. 

What are the problems we have to face when we Make Money Online in Nepal?

  • We don’t have international transactions methods like PayPal.
  • Our bank card doesn’t support international online transactions.
  • We are unable to buy online like themes, templates, hosting and domain from the online market.

Only Problems? There are also Solutions. 

  • You can create a Payoneer master card freely. Find a merchant on Facebook and load it.
  • Nowadays hosting providers and domain providers are growing in Nepal. Click here to Buy.

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